Bieber Shows “Diva” Attitude

Parveen Natt, Writer

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Kelly Jones, a Welsh singer and songwriter, claimed that Justin Bieber “deserved a slap” for showing up over two hours late to his own concert in London while over 20,000 of his beloved “Beliebers” (Bieber fans) sobbed in the audience. By the time he finished his performance, half of the stadium was empty, something that had never happened before.

March 4 2013, Bieber had a concert in London that was scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. Fans from all over the world had paid as much as 331 pounds (500 dollars) for a ticket to see the star perform. Many of them showed up as early as 6:30 p.m. However, Bieber arrived two hours late at 10:20 p.m. At this point, many fans had to leave to catch the last bus home. Others were stranded because of the late show and no transit. Parents were furious and claimed that Justin Bieber was disrespectful for making their children wait that long.

When Bieber was questioned about why he had decided to show up so late, he defended himself by saying that his lateness was due to “technical issues”. He also claimed that he was only 40 minutes late.

Kelly Jones (while having a live chat with The Sun newspaper) later stated that Justin Bieber had no excuse. Jones said, “He’s probably got 80 people around him, and if none of them have got a watch with all the money he’s got then something’s wrong isn’t it?” Jones felt that showing up late was Justin Bieber’s way of rebelling against the expectations people had for him.

Sources say Bieber was late because he was playing video games and apparently he threw a tantrum and said “It’s my gig, I will go out when I want to.”

Beliebers reported that they felt ‘forgotten’ and ‘rejected’ by their hero who was showing too much attitude. Soon after, the teen idol apologized to his fans on Twitter and promised that there wouldn’t be a repeat at his remaining London concerts. He still insisted that he was only being 40 minutes late.

Bieber showed up 30 minutes early for his second gig in London on Tuesday evening March 12 2013 to make up for what had happened the night before.  Many fans felt that it was an inadequate apology. Judging by the comments made by fans of the star, they were offended by his behavior. Many of them felt that he would have done everyone a favour if he hadn’t shown up at all. Bieber clearly upset many people that night, so it wouldn’t be surprising if his London fans choose not to spend money on tickets for a concert of his in the future.

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Bieber Shows “Diva” Attitude