Coachella 2014

Coachella 2014

June 10, 2014

Hello Kitty, Cultural Appropriation?

June 2, 2014

Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Performance Proves Critics Wrong

Sonam Dhesi, Writer

March 5, 2014

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Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers stole the Super Bowl half time show on February 2, 2014 at MetLife Stadium, New Jersey. Many critics believe Bruno Mars was not a big enough star to take the stage since he has only released two...

Bieber Shows “Diva” Attitude

Parveen Natt, Writer

June 14, 2013

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Kelly Jones, a Welsh singer and songwriter, claimed that Justin Bieber “deserved a slap” for showing up over two hours late to his own concert in London while over 20,000 of his beloved “Beliebers” (Bieber fans) sobbed...

Summer Concerts

Roshni Riar, Writer

June 19, 2012

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As June 19th draws near, the imminent “summer planning” and thoughts like “oh-my-god-what-am-I-gonna-do-for-the-next-two-months?” will inevitably take place. And instead of scrambling to find things to do and feeling u...