The Cost of Graduating

Laura Foreman, Writer

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As we all know it is graduation time for all seniors in British Columbia. It has come to the attention of me and my fellow classmates that graduating has become a great expense. My last year in high school has come and gone so quickly, similar to the money in my bank account. Whether it has been paying for the things within my school, or paying for my future schooling I’ve realized the prices for everything are extremely high. Whether the high cost is necessary or not, I don’t know, but the complaints from the graduating class of 2013 seem reasonable.

The amount of money we’ve spent within our school from September to June has been noticeably high. At the beginning of the year we’ve spent money on the teams that the school has offered us, whether it was volleyball, football, dance, cheerleading or one of the other opportunities at Frank Hurt. There has also been an increase in the money we’re spending on field trips, and the souvenirs we’ve purchased when being part of a group or team, such as a hoodie or a t-shirt. There are of course some upsides to the amount of money we’ve spent. The sports teams we’ve paid to be on have been worth it for all of us; we have memories, improved athletic skills, and new-found or strengthened friendships. It seems as though spending money to go on a field trip has all been worth it.

Throughout the year we’ve purchased yearbooks, commencement tickets, dinner/dance tickets, and dry grad tickets. There’s also been a large amount of money spent on dresses and suits for graduation. This being our last year in high school, we want to have as many memories as possible, which often means spending even more money. These events, yearbooks, and tickets for graduation are all things we won’t regret, because of the memories that come with them.

Since it is the end of the year, we’ve realized that as appealing as it sounds to sleep in and stay at home all day throughout the summer, and then continue to do so once September comes around, it doesn’t seem like the best idea anymore. A good majority of students have applied to post-secondary schools and have had to pay a fee to even have a chance to get accepted into the school of their choice. Paying for school isn’t over yet, and I don’t think that’s a reality to some of the students graduating in 2013. In September of 2013 we will get a breakdown of costs for classes we want to take, the books we will need to buy, and for some of us, the cost of living on campus. The cost is absolutely ridiculous.

The problem with spending all this money is that we’ve had to spend it all at once. It would be different if we’d spent twenty dollars every other month to pay for things instead of spending roughly two hundred dollars within the last two months of school, (which hasn’t been so pleasant). In future years, the students should take action and fundraise as much as possible, because it’ll only benefit them in the end.

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The Cost of Graduating